Assess the difficulty of your language paper, effortlessly

Cognitive level assessor software for English and Afrikaans question papers according to the Bloom and Barrett taxonomies.

Cogl effortlessly grades HL, FAL and SAL South African high school question papers on their difficulty and ensures the correct distribution of questions.


Save time and reduce teacher stress

Focus on what you do best

Cogl does the grunt work; it instantly grades the difficulty of each question and generates a taxonomy spreadsheet for your convenience.

This leaves you to focus on what you do best; setting great question papers and being the efficient educator you are.

Level up

Using Cogl effortlessly ensures that your examination papers comply with DBE standards.

You’ll be giving your learners the most balanced set of questions in every paper, so they’ll be better prepared for their final examinations.

Get peace of mind

Your question papers are secure with Cogl.

Cogl cannot access your questions. In fact, Cogl grades your papers locally on your computer, tablet or phone. This means that your questions never leave your device.


Still not convinced?

NSC and IEB standards

Cogl analyses questions according to the Barrett and Bloom taxonomy. Cogl works according to the DBE standard for examination papers.


We use encryption and secure protocols to ensure privacy and security. The questions you Cogl are for your eyes only.

Works online

No need to download or install software. Use Cogl on any device, anywhere.


Cogl automatically grades the difficulty of your paper as you set it. It even generates a taxonomy grid in CSV format, which can be imported to a spreadsheet.

Buy local

Support local developers who have built Cogl in collaboration with our teaching community.

Lifetime licence

When you get Cogl for your school you pay once and have access to it, and future updates, forever. Contact us to learn more.


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